Wool Pellets Fertilizer


Introducing a traditional fertilizer with a modern “spin”!

Wool pellets are made from coarse unwashed sheep’s wool that is shredded and then pelletized for easy use. The pellets can be mixed into potting soil or spread over garden beds. Naturally high in nitrogen (average NPK 9-0-2) and carbon, wool also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulphur, and numerous trace elements. Wool pellets slowly break down into the soil, releasing nutrients for up to six months.

Wool is highly absorbent, holding up to twenty times its weight in water. As the pellets get wet, they expand, creating spaces in the soil. As a result, wool works to increase the soil’s water storage capacity and to improve soil aeration.

A layer of wet, “puffed up” pellets also acts as a slug deterrent. They have a slight barnyard-ey smell that disappears soon after application.

Wool pellets are an ingenious solution for gardeners and farmers alike. With sheep itching to be relieved of their woolly load every spring, and the price of wool at an all time low, it’s a good time to remember wool’s value as a fertilizer. In the words of Claire at VI Wool Pellets:

“My Grandma has been talking about the benefits of using wool in the gardens and in the bottom of potted plants, but working large chunks of fleece into the ground is difficult and quite messy. Then I heard about wool pellets, tiny bits of pelletized fleece that build your soil, fertilize your plants, and reduce water use; my mind was set.”

Wool Pellet Application

How much do you need? As a soil additive, mix 1/2 cup of pellets (approx. 50g) with 4 litres of soil. In garden beds, spread about 1kg of pellets over 20 to 25 square feet. One application is good for an entire growing season.

How longs does it keep? Stores indefinitely if kept cool and dry and out of reach of pets.

Made with love in Courtenay, BC by Vancouver Island Wool Pellets

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