Valhalla Wood Preservative


Non-toxic, economical, easy to use, proven to work, and made in Canada — this is simply the best wood protection you can find.

Developed through three generations of Scandinavian woodcrafters, LifeTime Wood Treatment is sustainably manufactured in New Denver, BC.

Made from “naturally occurring plant and mineral substances”, LifeTime Wood Treatment extends the lifespan of all outdoor wooden structures.

Suitable for use on fences, decks, raised planter beds, cold frames and greenhouses, compost bins, trellises and arbours, playground equipment, wooden furniture, siding, doors, windows, and even chicken coops, bee hives, and other animal shelters.

LifeTime Wood Treatment comes as a concentrated dry powder that can be mixed with water as needed. The solution soaks in to penetrate and harden wood fibres. It never gets tacky or sticky.

Initially a greenish brown hue, sunlight and rain will soon finish the treated wood, giving it a mature, aged look. It will take on a lovely dark olive brown/silver patina within a few days or weeks, weather dependent.

Conventional chemical wood treatments may wear, peel, or fade, and usually require regular maintenance. They can also leach toxins into water, soil, and air.

By contrast, this product is effective with just a single application that won’t wear off, and is completely safe for people, pets, and gardens. It does not release volatile organic compounds, and independent lab testing confirmed LifeTime Wood Treatment leaves no harmful residue in soil or water.

Wood Preservative Application

Simply mix the powder into water, let sit for a few minutes, stir well, and apply. One 4.5L pack (20g of powder) mixes with one imp gallon of water and covers 150 – 200 square feet (about 14 – 18 square meters). One 22L pack (100g of powder) mixes with five imp gallons of water and covers 750 – 1000 square feet (about 70 – 90 square meters). Store leftover liquid in a sealed plastic container, and preferably mix only what you need for your project.

Apply the solution with a brush, roller, sprayer, or by dipping. Some particles won’t dissolve completely, so if using a sprayer, strain solution first. Stir occasionally during use to maintain proper solution. Ensure that all wood surfaces have been saturated, especially board ends, fresh cuts, and open cracks.

For larger projects, set up a dipping tank to completely immerse wood pieces in the solution for a few minutes. Wet wood is safe to handle and will not show finger marks. Soak posts and other wood that will be in direct contact with soil for 12 hours. Additional wood sealers or coloured stains are not necessary. When the job is done, simply clean tools and hands with warm soapy water.

Note; solution may permanently stain fabrics, glass, vinyl, stucco, concrete, stone work, and chinking. Do not use on wood treated with fire retardant. Do not use in combination with oil based and latex products.

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