Organic Garden
I imagine that all hobbit gardens are organically tended 🙂

The Pantry provides organic fertilizers and microbial inoculants to organic gardeners across Canada.

I started this business for you in your various roles as home gardeners, landscapers and urban farmers, and any others who are interested in delving deeper into organic gardening.

If you’re new to gardening organically, this site is for you, too, even though many of the products that I offer may seem foreign.

I sell superior quality, organic products.

I believe that the small group of products I offer are most of what you need.

When I was running my previous organic gardening business, I found it hard to find many of these products in Canada. I hope to fill the void.

“We started mulching Oct 2009 on soil that was about 80% sand. The increase in growth and biodiversity have been incredible. Our only additions to the mulch have been seaweed (yearly), EM solution (1st spring) and endomycorrhizae (to individual plants).”

(If you’re in the U.S., here’s where you can buy organic fertilizers from Phil.)

These products are all easy to use, safe for children and pets, good for the planet, and can be highly impactful in your organic garden.

Nutrient-Dense Food
My products can improve the health of all plant types – grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees – even your very own nutrient-dense apples.

The one thing I do not carry that no amount of products can make up for is organic matter.

My organic fertilizers will greatly assist in creating healthy ecosystems that produce healthier plants, but the ultimate choice for sustainable health is organic matter.

That means leave the grass clippings right where they fall, raking the autumn leaves into the gardens, compost kitchen scraps and anything you can get your hands on.

Then, check out the products on this site.

Many of these products come in a liquid form and they often work better when applied together.

Nutrient uptake by plants from foliar feeding with these liquids can be several times more efficient than from the soil and it is more fast-acting, so that’s my focus when fertilizing the lawn and garden.

“I wanted to take a moment to express how refreshing it is to find a good, local supplier of these important biostimulants & microorganisms used in organic/ sustainable horticultural practices. I regularly utilize products like liquid kelp, sea minerals, fish hydrolysate, humic acids, and molasses, as well as brewing my own batches of compost tea. I do seem to turn to The Organic Gardener’s Pantry for some fascinating additional information on various processes & application rates. In my experience, shipping of the products has been impressively rapid too! Highly recommended”
Scott Hurst, Organic Gardener,
North Vancouver, BC

I’d also like to make a note about the use of off-site inputs in general.

The ultimate goal of sustainable horticultural practices is to create a closed system that doesn’t require inputs from off-site.

I spent a considerable amount of time debating the environmental merits of starting this business, with regards to both “stealing” from other ecosystems in order to improve ours and also the impacts associated with transportation of the products.

Leaf Mulch in Christina's Backyard
The leaf mulch in my backyard is another source of nutrients.

My research has led me to believe that our soils have become so depleted by our practices that it’s often necessary to use these products to bring them back towards a balance more quickly than simply mulching and composting could do.

That being said, I thoroughly investigate every product that I carry and I do not make decisions lightly.

I always try to get products from as close as possible.

I also try to ensure that the environmental impacts are minimized when harvesting natural resources such as kelp.

Lastly, it is very fortunate that most of the important products come concentrated in small liquid quantities that cover a large area, thus minimizing the impacts of transportation.

I hope you enjoy this website and please contact me with any questions, as I can’t possibly cover all there is to know about these products within these pages.

“You should see the difference in my plants this year as compared to last when I was regularly using your products. They are about half the size and not nearly as robust. The difference is striking! I can hardly wait till my order arrives so that I can right the situation. Unrelated to my order, can you tell me if I should remove the suckers from my plum tree? I’m particularly interested in getting it started on a diet of your products once again. It’s growth was fantastic last year because of them. Your improved website is absolutely grand. There’s so much pertinent and important information to be had. And it’s written with such wonderfully understated intelligence. Thank you as always for your wonderful service.”
Linda Evans, Salt Spring Island, BC