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Organic Fertilizers And Microbial Inoculants

'The Pantry' provides organic fertilizers for organic gardeners across Canada. A growing number of people everywhere are becoming much more informed about organic gardening.

Organic Garden

I started this business for you, in your various roles as homeowners, landscapers and farmers, and any others who are interested in delving deeper into organic gardening than the misguided use of products such as corn gluten and dolomite lime.

If you are new to organic gardening, this site is for you, too, although many of the products that I offer will be foreign and may even seem strange.

I sell superior quality and mostly certified organic products, including: effective microorganisms, mycorrhizal fungi, compost tea brewers, nitrogen fixing bacteria, sea minerals fertilizer, liquid kelp fertilizer, liquid fish fertilizer (hydrolysate), insect frass fertilizer, humic acids, biochar, and blackstrap molasses.

For those who already possess knowledge of soils, the role of microorganisms, biostimulants, Reams' nutrient ratios, and all of this other fascinating stuff, you will find here the fundamental products to assist you in bringing ecosystems towards balance.

Organic Houseplants

I am not referring to so-called "organic fertilizers" that are mostly unnecessary and sometimes harmful, but rather the important microbial products and biostimulants.

And while I have noticed that other suppliers offer a confusing array of hundreds of unnecessary products, I believe that the small list of essentials here in the Pantry are mostly all that is needed in terms of off-site amendments.

Browse through this site and, in my opinion, you will see where the future of organic horticulture is heading. When I was running my previous organic gardening business, I found that it was extremely difficult to find many of these products in Canada. I hope to fill the void.

(If you're in the U.S., here's where you can buy organic fertilizers from Phil.)

About These Organic Fertilizers

Big Organic Garden

These fertilizers are all easy to use, safe for children and pets, good for the planet and highly effective for your organic garden.

I have assembled a small group of incredible products that I believe make up the bulk of off-site inputs that are needed in the landscape.

The one thing I do not carry that no amount of products can make up for is organic matter.

I don't know of many businesses that would tell you there is something more important than their products, but I do, because there is. And the best thing is, it is plentiful and free!

My organic fertilizers will greatly assist in creating healthy ecosystems that produce incredible plants, but the ultimate choice for sustainable health is organic matter.

That means leave the grass clippings right where they settle. Rake the leaves into the gardens. Compost kitchen scraps and anything that you can get your hands on if you want to experience the miracle of microbial action. Then, check out the product categories on the right.

Many of these products come in a liquid form and they often work better when applied together. Nutrient uptake by plants from foliar feeding with these liquids can be 8 - 20 times more efficient than from the soil and it is much more fast-acting, so it is my focus when fertilizing the lawn and garden.

You will notice my recommendations often suggest small, frequent applications. This is based on research by Ana Primavesi, Elaine Ingham, and many others, who in their various scientific roles, discovered that consistent access to nutrients and microorganisms is more important than large applications less often throughout the season.

Organic Greenhouse

I would also like to make a note about the use of off-site inputs in general. The ultimate goal of sustainable horticultural practices is to create a closed system that doesn't require inputs from off site.

I spent a considerable amount of time debating the environmental merits of starting this business, with regards to both "stealing" from other ecosystems in order to improve ours and also the impacts associated with transportation of the products.

My research has led me to believe that our soils and ecosystems have been so depleted by our practices that it is often necessary to use these products to bring them back towards a balance more quickly than simply mulching and composting.

This is a very complex topic and I don't think there is one right answer, but the conclusions I have come to indicate that these products are important.

Vegetable Garden

That being said, I thoroughly investigate every product that I carry and I do not make decisions lightly. I always try to get products from as close as possible.

I also try to ensure that the environmental impacts are minimized when harvesting things such as kelp.

Lastly, it is very fortunate that most of the important products come concentrated in small liquid quantities that cover a large area, thus minimizing the impacts of transportation. I do not carry bulky products or products from far away unless they are very important in helping to establish healthy ecosystems.

I hope you enjoy this website and please contact me with any questions, as I can't possibly cover all there is to know about these products within these pages.