Insect Frass Fertilizer


As far as unusual and innovative products go, this could be the next big thing. Introducing Fly-Tech, an exciting new organic fertilizer product with impressive marks for effectiveness and sustainability. OMRI listed (US) and allowed under the Canadian National Organic Standard.

Particularly well suited for seed starting, cuttings, and early plant growth, Fly-Tech excels in containers, hanging baskets, and raised beds.

It can also be applied to gardens and lawns. When mixed with water, the resulting liquid can be used as a root drench, a foliar spray, and in hydroponics. Contains 3-1-3 N-P-K plus a range of micronutrients and amino acids, some plant-available chitin, and natural beneficial microbes.

Fly-Tech is the dried and ground manure (“frass”) of Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens), raised at an enclosed facility right here in BC. Fly-Tech does not contain any actual flies or larvae – just their waste products. The frass is easy to handle, appearing as a dry, dark brown, fairly pleasant-smelling substance with a fine granular to powdery texture. It will keep for at least one year.

The back story is as fascinating as it is satisfying. Insects, especially insect larvae, are being discovered by animal feed manufacturers for their high protein and fat content. The whole or processed larvae feed poultry, wild and pet birds, pets, reptiles, and fish, providing a natural alternative to unsustainable or resource-intensive ingredients like fishmeal, fish oil, soybean meal, palm kernel oil and coconut oil.

As the larvae go through their growth stages, both their “frass” or manure and the exoskeletons they shed, make an excellent natural fertilizer product. They are voracious eaters and prolific manure producers. The German saying, “even small livestock produces manure”, never rang more true… And here’s the best part: The larvae are fed an exclusive diet of pre-consumer food waste (think stale bread, mushy strawberries, and wilted lettuce), closing the waste-to-food loop!

The Black Soldier Fly is a harmless, short-lived species that is at home around the world. It is very different from the common housefly and is not a pest, nor a vector for disease. The adult flies do not eat, sting or bite. All they do is mate and reproduce. The females lay eggs that hatch into larvae which naturally feed on decaying organic matter.

Fly-Tech is sustainably produced in Calgary, AB by Enterra Feed:

Even David Suzuki approves!


Generally, apply 5 lbs per 100 sq ft twice in the growing season. Two pounds cover an 8’x4’ raised bed.

In container mixes and hanging baskets, use 3 tbsp per gallon of soil.

To topdress monthly, 1 tbsp per gallon of soil is enough.

To make a root drench or foliar spray, mix 1-2 tsp into one gallon of water. Apply monthly to weekly. Strain the liquid before spraying.

Use/spray within two hours of mixing; discard leftover liquid as a root drench or refrigerate for one week max.

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