January, 2010

My name is Christina Cook and I took over The Pantry from Phil Nauta on January 1st, 2010.

Phil and I are colleagues and friends, sharing a passion for the organic movement in its countless aspects of everyday life, and particularly in agri/horticulture – the care of the land.

I am continuing Phil’s business for the same reason he started it: There is contagious excitement about finding real (and real simple) solutions to some of today’s pressing environmental issues, and to share these finds with others so that we can effect real change, using low tech methods at low cost, one garden and one field at a time.

Phil has stayed involved from a distance, kindly helping me to get on my way while pursuing new projects of his own. We continue to work together on the process of transitioning the Organic Gardener’s Pantry to the next level.

I was absolutely thrilled to be offered this opportunity. When I asked another close friend about her advice in this endeavor, she expressed her belief that as long as my business supported the earth, the earth would surely support me. That pretty much sums it up!

“Christina has provided us with some key elements that have helped us build a far more resilient aquaponics system. This is our first successful harvest since we began! Sound advice, knowledge, understanding and time, along with carefully selected products and fast shipping make the whole experience a real pleasure.”

My Background

Way back in my country of origin, Germany, I received a degree in landscape architecture and extensive industry training, yet I always felt that there was something important amiss.

I found the answer to that “something” in Victoria BC upon joining the Society for Organic Urban Land Care, SOUL.

Not only did my approach to horticulture shift completely towards organic principles;  something like a general paradigm shift happened. Ecology, a mere elective during all my years of study, has now become an integral part of my work and daily life.

Up until 2010, I ran Stewardship Natural Landscape Design in Victoria, B.C., offering certified organic garden design and consultations as well as planting service and light garden maintenance since 2003.

I had been using Phil’s products at numerous sites, including my own garden, with great success.

A graduate of Gaia College, I became a SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional in 2005 and soon after that, a Gaia College instructor.

I teach both the Ecological Landscape Design program and the SOUL Organic Master Gardener course and, more recently, the course on Plant Knowledge for Organic Gardeners. I find that teaching compliments my other work in a very rewarding way.

A “student of life” in times of considerable local and global challenges, I feel a strong dedication to living in harmony with each other and with the earth.



January, 2008

My name is Phil Nauta and I’m an organic gardener.

I’m certified in Organic Landscape Management from Gaia College, an amazing organization where I also taught.

I have my Permaculture Design Certificate and have also forayed into studying sustainable and natural building.

I owned a small organic gardening company in London, Ontario for a couple of years before moving out to Victoria in the fall of 2007 and starting the Pantry.

Here is a list of how I decided to run this business:

  • Without marketing psychology – If a product is $20, it’s priced as $20, not $19.99. I sell only products I think you need, not only those with the highest profit margins. I avoid marketing hype (such as ‘this product is better/faster/cheaper than any other in the world’).
  • As a website – I operate only on the internet without a bricks and mortar store. This greatly cuts down on overhead, allowing me to offer the product at the lowest possible price. Still, I am excited to meet anyone in person if you would like to see some products or discuss anything.
  • For our planet – I operate every aspect of this business for our planet. This includes reducing waste, using recycled and sustainable materials, and reducing emissions. This also includes sourcing my products as locally as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Update: Phil now teaches organic gardening over at and sells many of the same organic fertilizers in the U.S.

“We have been using your products since the beginning of the summer and we are having good results. Thanks so much.”
Isabelle Morris, Wyndlow Farms, Ladysmith, BC