Happy New Year 2023!

Thanks to all of you, this is my Year Fourteen running the Pantry, and I’m more inspired than ever to be a force for “green good” in the world.

Having spent a couple of months indoors, sipping tea and catching up on some relevant articles and books, videos, webinars and online conferences, my 2023 New Year’s Resolution is to share with you the bounty of new and exciting news on organic gardening and beyond.

First off, SOUL’s 2022 Year of the Ecological Garden, a year-long series of some fifty episodes promoting ecological land care and sharing the expertise of SOUL members, is now complete. Dig in — there’s something for everyone! (Some of you might even find their own name on the guest list, as well as yours truly.)

Secondly, check out this enlightening piece on indigenous food forest gardens of coastal BC that I know you’ll enjoy. First Nations food forests may look like wilderness to the untrained eye, but are in fact well tended, biodiverse, resilient food systems. From here, click over to Future Ecologies for a wealth of related podcasts.

Thirdly, speaking of food, grab a bowl of kale chips and have a listen to this great CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks episode on feeding 10 billion people without killing the planet — it’s 54 minutes well spent.

And lastly, a sweet little treat, courtesy of my hometown’s newspaper. I wholeheartedly agree: Slugs and bugs are worth saving, too!

Well, that should keep everyone nicely busy while we wait for Spring to spring. Drop me a line if you’ve come across something you’d like to share with the Organic Gardener’s Pantry community!