Research into the “human microbiome” shows that microorganisms on and inside the body are estimated to outnumber human body cells!

Most of these beneficial organisms dwell in the intestines, where they outcompete pathogenic organisms and form an essential part of our immune system.

Therefore, populating the gut with liquid fermented probiotics can be an important step to improving digestive health.

Besides supporting proper immune function, probiotics also aid in nutrient absorption, producing vitamins and digestive enzymes, and help eliminating waste and promoting regularity.

The Vita Biosa product I use has a pH of 3.5, which allows the microbes to stay alive in the stomach and gut, and to start working as soon as it is consumed.

Liquid probiotics have diverse possibilities. In addition to drinking, they can be swished around the mouth and gargled for gums and throat, applied topically to healthy or irritated skin, or used as a douche.

Great for the entire family – children, adults, seniors, and even pets and livestock.