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Wood Bliss


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April 8, 2019: Sorry, this product is temporarily sold out. An alternative is in the works. 

Finally here is a non toxic preservative to protect wood around the house and garden. Produced "with sustainable mineral and plant resources", Wood-Bliss is effective against insects and fungus attacks on all indoor and outdoor wooden structures. This makes it particularly suitable for use on raised planter beds, compost bins, trellises and arbours, fences, decks, cold frames and greenhouses, wooden furniture, and even chicken coops, bee hives, and other animal shelters.

Wood-Bliss was developed in Germany and has passed a number of tests certifying its environmental safety. The patented formula contains no insecticides or fungicides; it is solvent free and water soluble. It will also act as fire protection, and will even lock existing toxins into wood previously treated with harmful chemicals, preventing further off-gassing.


Web Site: www.woodbliss1.com


Wood Bliss Application

Wood-Bliss concentrate is diluted 1:3 with water (one part product to three parts water). It can be applied by painting, rolling on, dipping, flooding, or pressure treatment. To obtain good protection, two coats are recommended which will provide 200ml of product to one square meter of wood surface. This translates into about 20 square meters (215 square feet) coverage for one liter of concentrate.

Stir well before dilution. Clean wood of any dirt, old paint, or water repellent substances before treatment. Allow to dry completely before use or between applications. Protect glass or metal parts from contact with Wood-Bliss.

In high moisture situations, extra wood protection such as an oil coating may be necessary.