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Vita Biosa

  • Description

Vita Biosa is a probiotic drink for human consumption. Made in Canada, it contains ten complimentary and interactive probiotic cultures in a herbal tea base. Supporting a healthy gut microbiology for a multitude of benefits. One bottle is a one-month supply.

Recommended dosage: Generally, take one tablespoon once a day. If dealing with a health concern, or having recently undergone antibiotic treatment, you can do a tablespoon twice a day. Should you experience bloating or gas, just cut back the dosage and gradually increase again. Expect the tart, tangy flavour of a fermented beverage. Vita Biosa can be taken straight up, or diluted with water or natural juice if desired.

Upon opening, keep bottle refrigerated with cap on tight, and consume within one to two months. Unopened, the product has a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture, or until the best before stamp on the bottle.

Why probiotics?

Recent research into the “human microbiome” shows that microorganisms on and inside the body are estimated to outnumber human body cells as much as tenfold! Most of these beneficial organisms dwell in the intestines, where they outcompete pathogenic organisms and form an essential part of our immune system. Therefore, populating the gut with liquid fermented probiotics can be an important step to improving digestive health.

Besides supporting proper immune function, probiotics also aid in nutrient absorption, producing vitamins and digestive enzymes, and help eliminating waste and promoting regularity.

The pH of 3.5 allows Vita Biosa to stay alive in the stomach and gut, and to start working as soon as it is consumed.

Vita Biosa’s broad spectrum, triple fermented formulation makes it more biodiverse than yogurt, plus it is dairy free. Ingredients are: Water, organic blackstrap molasses, proprietary blend of active cultures, and herbal tea made from aniseed, liquorice root, fennel, basil, chamomile, chervil, dill, elder, fenugreek, ginger, angelica, juniper, nettle, oregano, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage and thyme. The active cultures include strains of lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and lactococcus bacteria, among others. Liquid probiotics have diverse possibilities. In addition to drinking, they can be swished around the mouth and gargled for gums and throat, applied topically to healthy or irritated skin, or used as a douche. Great for the entire family - children, adults, seniors, and even pets and livestock.