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Compost Tea Brewer - Mini-Microbulator

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I am selling two different 5 gallon brewers, one high-end machine from Keep it Simple (KIS), and this one here. Both produce a very high-quality tea within 24 hours of brewing time.

Compost Tea Brewer - Mini-Microbulator

A basic compost tea brewer, the Mini-Microbulator is a low-cost alternative to the other machine. Designed by Tim Wilson at Microbe Organics and made under license by Keep It Simple (KIS), it is "ugly but cheap" (their words!) yet produces good quality tea. Instead of bubbling air through the water from the bottom of the pail, its unique design circulates and cascades the aerated liquid, much like a small fountain. The whole assembly is extremely easy to set up, take apart, and clean. It can be shipped with or without a pail. The powerful pump is guaranteed for a year and will last for many seasons of home garden use.

After test running the unit, I can share the following tips:

* assembly is very easy, the youtube video below demonstrates how to set it up and run it properly

* the bungee will fit very tight, so you might choose something slightly longer, it is needed though to keep the unit upright and steady in the pail
* the pump action creates some minor splashing so a towel draped over top will be helpful - be sure to leave enough opening for air exchange, and do not block the pump's air intake
* it's okay to empty the compost bag into the water, just strain the liquid before spraying/watering
* be sure to keep the air pump above water level just in case, ideally on top of another pail or platform
* the air pump vibrates, and "travels" a bit; there are optional holes in its foundation to screw it onto a firm surface which might be something to consider long term
* after brewing, disassemble unit to clean and air dry (no harsh detergents; simple dish soap and hot water is fine; lots of rinsing after)