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Helen Stewart Books

Helen Stewart Books

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Meet my friend Helen, an author, artist, illustrator, printmaker, teacher, storyteller, and gardener here in Victoria, B.C.

Helen's work reflects her unique ability to observe Nature and to share her insights through beautiful illustrations and compelling stories.

Her books are endorsed by Maude Barlow, Elizabeth May, Brian Minter, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Andrew Weaver, and others. They are a rewarding experience and deserve a wide audience.

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Here's a link to her website

The Little Hill

The Little Hill

an illustrated storybook for all ages

The Little Hill is the story of one small hillside, reflecting the stories of many other hills and landscapes. Each page of The Little Hill is illustrated with great care and fine detail. These images compel us to stop and ponder anew the intricacies of nature. The tale leads us to consider the changes inflicted on our natural world, their effect upon our earth, and upon life itself.

text and illustrations by H E Stewart
Tudor House Press, 2012
hardcover, 29 pages
8.25 x 5.5 x 0.25 inches
winner, Nautilus book award
ISBN 978-0-9693852-8-8

A Garden's Echo

A Garden’s Echo

an illustrated adult storybook

A Garden's Echo tells of a personal journey and discovery of fascinating family history. It is also a reflection on the mysteries of nature. Its message is of critical importance in today's world of serious environmental troubles. The book is richly illustrated, filling the pages and the senses with beauty. The paintings are many layered, multi-textured and finely detailed - like nature itself.

text and illustrations by H E Stewart
Tudor House Press, 2014
hardcover, 78 pages
7.75 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
ISBN 978-0-9693852-9-5

Creation through Colour

Creation through Colour

a colouring book for all ages

Helen encourages colourists to look at nature more closely, to colour creatively and to make their own drawings. The book is printed on good quality acid free paper, suitable for coloured pencil or watercolour paints.

"By drawing, you may learn to see and by seeing, may you come to know the beauty of nature. Try to keep this beauty in your mind and may your heart forever feel the nourishment of the earth."

text by H E Stewart, illustrations by H E Stewart and Sarah Stewart
Tudor House Press, 2016
softcover, 62 pages
12 x 8 x 0.25 inches
winner, Indies, foreword

Tree Song

Tree Song

an illustrated storybook for all ages

The story tells of silent, unchanging forests and of the life history of one Sitka Spruce tree, home to numerous insects and birds. "This timely tale chronicles the life of a Sitka spruce from before the arrival of the first European settlers until its stormy end under a changing climate. Despite all, the song of the Sitka lives on. Its story will compel children and adults alike to pause and contemplate the harmony of nature." (Andrew Weaver)

text and illustrations by H E Stewart
Tudor House Press, 2010
hardcover, 29 pages
11.25 x 9 x 0.5 inches
ISBN 978-0-9693852-6-4
winner, Nautilus Book Award
finalist, Eric Hoffer Award