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Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi

Endo/Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

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Now available in larger size! Endo/Ecto - Root Rescue, a concentrated wettable powder containing nine different species each of endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi (Glomus, Gigaspora, Paraglomus, Rhizopogon, Pisolithus, Laccaria, and Suillus; 18 species in total). Used for propagating, planting, or transplanting. Besides working on plants that partner with endo-mycorrhizae, it also covers those woody plants that benefit from ectomycorrhizal fungi (or take both endo and ecto), such as: most conifers including hedge cedars, Douglas Fir, true fir, hemlock, larch, pine, and spruce; as well as alder, arbutus, beech, birch, chestnut, eucalyptus, filbert/hazelnut, hickory, linden, oak, pecan, poplar, and willow.

Application rates for powdered endo/ecto (Root Rescue):

This finely powdered, dark coloured endo-ecto product is used much like the Myke powder, and best mixed with water, except the dosage is a bit different. If the amounts of water recommended by the manufacturer seem high, this is because you should saturate the rootball and also drench the soil used for backfilling the planting hole.

How much do you need? Generally, use 4.5g (1 teaspoon) of powder in 7.5L (2 gallons, the volume of a standard watering can) of water. The 22.5g package mixes with 37.5 liters (10 gallons) and can treat 20 one-gallon plants or one 60mm tree. The 45g package makes 75 liters (20 gallons) and can treat 40 one-gallon plants or two 60mm trees, and the 90g package yields 150 liters (40 gallons) of solution and can treat 80 one-gallon plants or four 60mm trees.

Applying the liquid:

  • 0.7 liters per cutting
  • 1.2 liters per 4" pot
  • 1.87 liters (1/2 gallon) per 1gal container
  • 3.75 liters (1 gallon) per 2gal container
  • 37.5 liters (10 gallons) per large shrub or tree

How long does it keep? Store tightly sealed, dry, cool and dark. After the best before date, Root Rescue is still 90% viable for another full year if stored correctly, so just use 10% more for normal effectiveness. Mix and use only what you want to apply the same day. Diluted mixed product does not keep long.

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