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Compost Tea Brewer

Compost Tea Brewer - KIS

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Note, April 12, 2020: I am suspending supply of the brewers for the time being as I cannot guarantee timely delivery. Apologies and let's hope things are back to normal later this summer. 

I am selling two different 5-gallon brewers, one called the Mini Microbulator, and this one from Keep it Simple (KIS). Both produce a very high-quality tea within 24 hours of brewing time.

Keep It Simple: Extended Life Brewer

Details on the extended life brewer can be found on the KIS website at Note that my price is a bit higher because of currency exchange rates and the cost of transport and customs. This set consists of the air pump, plastic tubing and air bubbling component, one KIS compost tea brew kit, and instructions in a green plastic 5-gal bucket. The pump is guaranteed for 10,000 hours which translates into over 400 brews, so the price is worth it for those who know they will be brewing fairly often over many years.


The purchase of a quality compost tea brewer can be a significant expense. Pooling resources and buying one for the neighbourhood, local garden club, community garden, or the tool library means many people can share its benefits at a fraction of the cost!