10 Years of Organic Growth! 

The Pantry celebrates 10 years in business with a new special or action each month. February Special: Price drop for humic acid powder. 1lb $15; 5lbs $60. -- The deep freeze has lifted, so shipping resumes on a normal schedule. -- You'll be pleased to know that thanks to strong January sales, I was able to send $225 each to Victoria's Our Place Society and the Ancient Forest Alliance. Thank you to everyone who placed an order -- you made this possible.

Compost Tea Brewer - Overton

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I am selling three different 5 gallon brewers, one from Keep it Simple (KIS), one called the Mini Microbulator, and this one by Overton Environmental. All three produce a very high quality tea within about 24 hours of brewing time.

Overton's Eco-Tea Brewer

This brewer is made in Canada, therefore the price is independent of currency fluctuation. I am excited to begin offering it through the Pantry. The set contains the air pump, clear tubing, air diffuser apparatus, mesh bag, one Eco-Tea compost tea brew kit, and the instruction manual in a white plastic 5-gal bucket. The full instruction manual can be found below. The air pump comes with a 5-year guarantee.


The purchase of a quality compost tea brewer can be a significant expense. Pooling resources and buying one for the neighbourhood, local garden club, community garden, or the tool library means many people can share its benefits at a fraction of the cost!

Simple Brewing Instructions

Full Brewing Manual