10 Years of Organic Growth! 

The Pantry celebrates 10 years in business with a new special or action each month. February Special: Price drop for humic acid powder. 1lb $15; 5lbs $60. -- The deep freeze has lifted, so shipping resumes on a normal schedule. -- You'll be pleased to know that thanks to strong January sales, I was able to send $225 each to Victoria's Our Place Society and the Ancient Forest Alliance. Thank you to everyone who placed an order -- you made this possible.

Compost Tea Brew Kit

Compost Tea Brew Kit - Overton

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NOTE: I'M NOT CARRYING THIS ANYMORE. The KIS kit is a better value.

Each 5 gallon compost tea brewer comes with one brew kit to get you started. Additional kits are available. 

The Eco-Tea brew kit is optimized for the Overton Eco-Tea brewer. This kit is a more refined version of the basic brew materials. It contains the microbial foods, high-quality compost, and a microbial catalyst in separate pouches. It does not contain a mesh bag, which is part of the brewer.

You can also come up with your own compost tea ingredients, but then you really need to get into testing them to make sure you make a good tea, so for most people, it's better to buy the kits that are proven to work.