Keep Calm, Stay Well, And Garden On

  The Pantry is healthy and open for business. Orders usually ship within one or two weekdays. Thank you for your support!

Dare to garden differently with the Organic Gardener's Pantry!

It’s Year 8 for me running the Pantry! Time truly flies when you’re having fun. And I’m having so much fun, thanks to you!

Whenever I get to talk to one of you in person, on the phone, or online, I realize what great persons my customers are.

We make a connection, realize we have the same values and goals, share a laugh. I really enjoy this part of the business!

It’s going to be another grand season. What’s new?

  • Molasses is now back in stock and a fresh shipment of N-fixing bacteria is on the way, to arrive around the end of January.
  • I have found a new powdered endo-ecto-mycorrhizal fungi product I’m very excited about.
  • Coming soon will be a new liquid humic/fulvic acids product that is more convenient to use than powder (but I will also keep offering the more economical powder).
  • Responding to popular demand, I reintroduced a human grade EM product called Vita Biosa; details online and in my next blog.
  • I recently lowered the price on the textbook Working With Nature as I now get a better deal on it, and am happy to pass on the savings.
  • Just for fun, I added some wonderful soap bars to the product line, hand made right here on Vancouver Island, 100% plant based, and without any nasty additives. Let me know how you like it!
  • And finally, I’m working on bringing in a high quality, more affordable compost tea brewer. Stay tuned for updates on that one…!

Special e-transfer incentive: Free Samples! Consider payment by e-transfer. It’s really fast and easy and it helps me keep my costs down, as credit card transactions come with hefty charges for the Pantry. At the checkout, select the interac e-transfer option to pay for your order, and I will reward you with a free sample of that new endo-ecto mycorrhizal fungi product. It’s much appreciated!

So, thank you for continuing to supporting a local/Canadian, independent, one-woman enterprise. I believe in quality over quantity. I believe in the cause. And I will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy. Let's dare to garden differently, together!