To say that I’m a late adopter of social media would be an understatement, hahaha… it feels like I’ve taken another step into the 21st century. Actually, it’s a lot of fun posting images, learning to create reels, and interacting with the community in a new-to-me way.

So find and follow me at #organicgardenerspantry and check out what I’m doing! There’s gardening tips, notifications on monthly specials, cool pictures, and of course a wealth of intriguing connections.

If you really want to make my day, mention the Pantry in your story or send me a little thumbs-up sharing your success using any of the products. I’ll be happy to reciprocate. Yay thanks! Warm thanks also to my friends Stefanie and Kosta, and of course to Sam, for all the nudges and support.

Speaking of acquiring new skills, this Fall I’m facilitating not one but two online Gaia College courses: Ecological Plant Knowledge 1 (Native Plants) and 2 (Non-Native Ornamentals). We will definitely cover a lot of plant ID and culture, but that’s only the beginning…! Plant newbies and nerds alike will find either
course an immersive and rewarding experience.

While the fall semester has started this week, it is possible to register up until September 24th. Visit Gaia College for details — they also offer the ever popular Organic Master Gardener course (hello, alumni!), as well as courses in Ecological Landscape Design, Rainwater Harvest and Management, Living Green Infrastructure, and Growing Food.

It’s been an eventful Spring and Summer… and, between fires and floods, plenty challenging for many of you, I’m sure. Hope you’re well, safe and sound, and enjoying this quick update! Victoria has been in a drought since early May, but on the plus side, it’s been a banner year for all tree fruit. Now that I’ve made batches and batches of apple/pear sauce, stocked the freezer with blueberries and peaches, and gobbled up all the figs and plums I could fit, I have time again to look after this blog.

Preview: Next time I’ll write a bit about fish fertilizer and its equally awesome alternatives. After that, you can look forward to a three-part series on fermented plant extracts… a fascinating topic I’ve been wanting to share for quite a while now.

Before I close, one last item, rather urgent and dear to my heart: Most everyone will be familiar with BC’s famous “wet coast” rainforests, but did you know there is an inland temperate rainforest in the BC Interior? This unique ecosystem is the heart and lungs of the Kootenay, providing refuge for wildlife and clean air and water to the entire region… and, much like its coastal cousin, it is being clearcut as we speak.

Last Stand West Kootenay with the Valhalla Wilderness Society are calling on the public to write letters of support for the protection of the inland temperate rainforest, and for immediate implementation of all the recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review, going beyond deferral areas. If you’re so inclined, send your letter both to Premier David Eby,, and to Nathan Cullen, Minister of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship,

Thanks and till soon!