Spring has sprung early, then took a little break, and is now in full swing again! And similarly, the first quarter running The Organic Gardener’s Pantry has been quite the ride. I am on an exponential learning curve, answering questions, filling orders, and keeping supplies coming.

A great big thank you to all of you new and returning customers for your trust and patronage, and to Phil for coaching me as needed. This is an exciting time. Interest in cutting edge products and practices for organic horticulture and agriculture is exceeding expectations. I am delighted to play my part in it!

Our supplier of mycorrhizal fungi is making adjustments to his manufacturing process, in the course of which they plan to phase out the “Ultrafine” product line – but not to worry, I will continue to carry their fabulous fungal spores. I now sell this type, which uses a different carrier but the very same species of endo or endo/ectomycorrhizal fungi as before. The good news is, the price came down a couple of dollars per pound, which I am happy to pass on to you.

In a couple of days I am taking off to Europe for a long planned reunion and hike with an old friend. Fortunately, Phil is still in town and has graciously agreed to run the Pantry during my absence. So you will be in very good hands! Phil has a couple new projects going and will send out shipments about twice a week. We are hoping to minimize delays and greatly appreciate your understanding.

I’ll be back on the job in May!
Kind regards and happy spring gardening.