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Activated EM

Activated EM

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If you don't want to go through the process of activating the effective microorganisms, or if you are new to the idea and just want to try it out, you can buy it already activated. Not only is it less expensive, but many of the microbes have recently been awakened from dormancy, so it is of equal or maybe even better quality for application purposes.

As a live probiotic product, every batch of Activated EM is a little different. It is always bottled fresh, so you may find it a bit fizzy on arrival. Just loosen the cap to let the gas escape, then close again tightly. If a few yeasty white flakes develop floating at the surface, this is a normal part of the fermentation process. Over time, a layer of sediment can form at the bottom, which is also normal.

How much do you need? Generally, one liter of Activated EM, diluted with 100 liters of water, covers 10,000 square feet. Or, two teaspoons (10mL) of Activated EM, diluted in one liter of water, is good for 100 sq ft. Application rates and dilutions can vary quite a lot, so refer to the product page for details.

How long does it keep? Activated EM is good for at least six months, and can last well over a year if stored correctly. Keep the cap on tight, store at cool room temperature, protected from frost, heat, and direct light. Mix and use only what you need to apply the same day. Diluted mixed product does not keep long.

"I anticipate nothing but success from EM in the garden because taken as a probiotic, EM has worked wonders on my guts and helped with some digestive issues. I have felt a marked improvement physically since taking EM and am happy to have found this great product."Lisa, Victoria, BC